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Spatial Solitaire

The classic game, now spatial!

Solitaire, the age-old single-player card game, is here on Apple Vision Pro! Spatial Solitaire puts realism at the forefront of the experience. The virtual cards are 1:1 scale with real playing cards, and the expertly-crafted audio design ensures cards sound real as you move them around. Experience the joy of playing right on your own table, or use the realistic virtual card table provided.

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6. real table.jpeg
7. Screenshot-02-18-2024-11.56.48.jpeg
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9. Tabletop Game.jpeg
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A Helpful School Planner

Assigned! is all about keeping track of your high school or middle school life, and making sure you don't miss anything. It lets you carry around your schedule on your phone, and even reminds you when you haven't completed your homework yet, or if you need to study for a test. The app has both an iOS and Android version.

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Assigned! Promo Video

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Run Mapper

Map your path as you run

Run Mapper allows you to see the path of your runs. Simply start it and end it, and the app will show you your path, total distance, and run time. This app is built in SwiftUI.

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Other Apps


A simple calculator built with SwiftUI

This simple calculator app is a recreation of the stock iOS calculator app with some additional functions, such as squares and square roots, and even includes a tip calculator. The app is built using SwiftUI, Apple's new declarative UI framework.

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Which Phantom Thief Are You?

A BuzzFeed Type "Which Am I?" Quiz

This app is a short quiz that asks 10 questions. After answering all of the questions, the app calculates which character best represents you and displays both an image and a description of the character. The app is built using SwiftUI.

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Meme Maker

A Simple Meme Making App

Meme Maker overlays text onto any image and adds the classic top white border present in most meme formats. Alternatively, the old style meme format is also included, featuring the Impact font. The app is build using SwiftUI.

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Drawing Canvas

A Simple, Yet Powerful, Drawing App

My approach to a drawing app has a simple design with intuitive controls. Line width can be changed in addition to the color of the line. There are also a variety of shapes that can easily be used just by tapping and dragging. Lastly, an adjustable, swappable grid allows for very precise drawings. This app is powered by SwiftUI.


Find your way to the exit!

Try and get to the end as fast as possible in this maze game. With a new randomized maze each time you play, you're sure to get stumped at some point! The game uses a custom built joystick to control the player. This game is built using SpriteKit.

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A Motion Based Game

Stacker is a simple game where you tilt your phone to move the ball. The goal of the game is to fit through each moving platform to avoid hitting the top of the screen. I implemented both a high score system and an achievements system into this game. The app is built using UIKit, SpriteKit, and SwiftUI.

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Global Guesser

Guess a location based on its Street View!

Global Guesser tasks you with guessing where a location is based on a photo of the location. After going through 10 different locations, you are given a score based on how far away your guesses were. I am very proud of how the dual screened design turned out. This app is built using SwiftUI.

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A Simple Allowance Tracker

Spendance is an app that allows a child to keep track of how they spend their allowance. It has many features to help kids learn great spending habits, such as a savings section, wish list, and a way to keep track of gift cards. The app is build using Swift and Storyboards.

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