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WWDC Submissions

My submissions to Apple's WWDC scholarship program over the years

Every year Apple hosts their Worldwide Developer's Conference, and with it they offer the opportunity for students to apply for a scholarship to attend the conference. I have applied to the conference four times, and won a scholarship twice (hopefully three times!) Here are my submissions:

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Swift Student Challenge


Verbosi is my own original programming language that I developed for this playground. Yes, that's right, I made an entire programming language using Swift!

The language is meant to be as verbose as possible, and looks very similar to pseudocode. The goal was to make it very readable while also ensuring that it can be used as a powerful language.

WWDC Submissions: About
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 3.36.13 PM.png

Swift Student Challenge

AppleSweeper + AI Solver

This playground is a game called "AppleSweeper" and is a recreation of the traditional Minesweeper game using SwiftUI.

I worked very hard on the data structure of this playground to ensure that it would be elegant, concise, and efficient. I had to redesign it three times. It was a very interesting challenge coding a game using SwiftUI!

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This playground will take you through the ins and outs of a technology called machine learning: a very powerful tool that can be difficult to understand. You will build a program to detect what objects are shown through the camera.
Go ahead and download my playground to scan objects and see how the label on the bottom of the screen changes. The type of objects you can scan are shown at the top of the view, so you can start by scanning different breeds of dogs.

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The Search For the Next macOS Name

This playground is a game called "The Search For The Next macOS Name" and is based on the ongoing joke that every year Craig Federighi goes on a journey to find out what the next macOS will be named.
This game is an endless runner that takes place in the orignial Macintosh operating system, and you can jump on various windows throughout the OS

WWDC Submissions: About

My Road to WWDC18

The experience of being a scholarship winner at Apple's WWDC18 was a life changing experience for me. This short documentary captures my experience there, as well as what led up to me applying in the first place!

WWDC Submissions: Video
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